Coastal themed homes are notorious for their peaceful ambiance and are a perfect stylistic choice for those seeking a serene lifestyle. Soho Bay provides a wide range of coastal themed homewares and furniture allowing you to bring the seaside into your home.

Natural textures are a great way to create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. Styling earthy toned cushions and throws in your living room allows your space to have all the comforts of a real coastal getaway. Leathers, linens and animal hides also add pattern and warmth to an environment, so your home can look stylish and sophisticated. These organic textures look incredible when styled with our eclectic range of wicker baskets which are perfect accessories when displayed proudly in a room. The endless materials and weaves allow you to express your personal style. Use these versatile baskets to feature winter blankets, magazines or even indoor plants.

On the topic of plants, nature is an ideal way of bringing the lush allure of the beach into your home. From flowers, to vines, big or small, Soho Bay always have the best faux plants to bring your space to life. Plants are a great way to decorate shelves, coffee tables, bedrooms, and look amazing when hung from the ceiling. As they require very minimal care, you don’t need a green thumb to enjoy having nature in your home. Faux plants are also an excellent choice for those who travel often. Additionally, Soho Bay stocks a quirky range of pots and macramé holders to accompany your new greenery ensuring your space feels complete.

When designing a stylish coastal themed environment, driftwood is a brilliant ecofriendly material to incorporate throughout your home. A variety of ornaments, wall pieces, mirrors, furniture and other décor will create a rustic feel and even act as a centrepiece within your space. Each piece of driftwood features its own extraordinary shape, texture, and differing colour blends throughout the wood, making it unique to your home. Unlike some stronger stained timbers, driftwood radiates lighter tones, creating a more bright and vibrant ambiance required to achieve a coastal living space.

To complete the coastal aesthetic throughout your home, check out our range of aquatic animal ornaments including turtles, seahorses and pelicans. These can be displayed on buffets or bookshelves and add a creative touch to your home. Soho Bay also stock an amazing range of beautiful shells and starfish to add texture and elegance to your space. There are endless opportunities when displaying seashells as they could simply be scattered amongst other décor or creatively organised into bowls or vases.

When designing the perfect coastal themed home, make sure to incorporate bright and natural colours along with organic textures so your space feels calm and harmonious. With a splash of greenery and a touch of Soho Bay’s array of aquatic décor, you can create a beautiful environment so your home will forever feel like the perfect coastal getaway.

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